Fashion Logistics

Our Fashion Logistics division provides customers with a unique ‘garment supply chain’ that begins with specifications for a production sample and ends with the finished product pressed and delivered to retail door.

We are specialised in GOH movements, building our own frames in our own warehouse and providing a complete pick-n-pack operation. We also specialise in Buyer Consolidation, consolidating orders on C&F terms, FOB terms or a combination of both.

All in all we offer a package that no other logistics operator in Australia, big or small, can offer.

Our partners in China

Since the mid 1980s, our management has been travelling to China and has seen firsthand the growth and change in the garment industry since then. Our China partners are specialists in the Garment industry and all staff have been trained to understand and appreciate the unique nature of the industry.

Our Services

Services in our Fashion Logistics division include:
In addition, our experienced partners in China provide: